Using Marble Slabs for Trendy Renovations in the GTA

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Are your clients interested in using marble slabs for trendy renovations when they decorate their GTA home? Help them choose from the many trendy renovations that can increase resale value and turn a home into a luxurious refuge.

Share the Joy of Book-Matched Marble

There’s a good chance that your clients have never heard of book-matched marble and may be missing out on the perfect decorating solution for their home. It involves cutting a marble slab lengthwise down the centre so the two pieces are a mirror image of each other.
Explain that this is a hot trend in marble flooring but it can be used in other areas as well. They can also use book-matched marble for matching countertops, his and her vanities, matching a kitchen counter to an island, and many other areas.

Marble in the Bathroom

Marble has long been a distinguished touch for bathrooms, so it’s no surprise your clients may be considering it for their bathroom.
One of the hottest trends has been stand-alone bathtubs as the focal point of the room. These tubs, whether deep soakers or whirlpools, help people capture a spa-like feel so they can relax. Using marble as an accent around the tub or for the bathroom’s flooring adds to the decadent feel of a home spa.
Fireplaces in the bathroom are also becoming a hot trend. It feels like a real getaway—and an opportunity for romance—when there’s a quiet fire in the fireplace while you take a soak in the tub. The natural beauty of marble shimmers by firelight. Show your clients examples of how marble slabs were used to create a masterpiece for the fireplace and mantle.

Marble in the Foyer

Marble’s legendary coolness makes it a perennial favourite of bakers, but there are other places where marble can add value to your home.
Explain the different types of marble to your client. People typically choose just one, but it’s possible to mix and match different styles, like the Theodore Levin United States Courthouse in Detroit, which features over 30 different kinds of marble. That may be a little too much variety for most homes, but your clients shouldn’t be afraid of using two or more types of marble, contrasting patterns or colour for a greater impact.
There’s no entranceway more dramatic than one into a foyer with marble flooring. It immediately exudes a sense of wealth and fills guests with a feeling of grandeur. It’s no surprise that your clients may be considering marble floors, but be sure to explain that marble is a soft, porous stone that’s prone to staining; once marble stains, it’s stained permanently.
There are a few steps your client will have to take to ensure their marble keeps its striking good looks. The first is to reseal it every year. If it’s on the floor, or a countertop that sees a lot of use, it’s recommended that the marble is resealed more often. A large mat will be needed in front of the door or a place to take off shoes on the porch. Marble is beautiful but it is high maintenance.
Marble slabs are a popular addition to home renovations across the GTA, and, with your help, your clients will have a trendy renovation that brings them years of enjoyment.